WOODSTOCK PCC - January 2018 Meeting Summary

A précis of the PCC meeting on Wednesday 17th January 2018

Adrian began the meeting with prayer.

A review of our finances revealed an end of year deficit of around £15k. We need every church member to heed the message of the presentation given by Aidan in November – an average increase of £3 per head per week is essential if we are to fulfill our ministry and mission in response to God’s call. Thanks were given for Carol Holmes’ ministry as our Planned Giving coordinator, as they were for Glynda Salter, who is taking on this work.

We reviewed our Christmas services, and Adrian expressed his admiration and gratitude to the whole team who made it such a success.

The work on the church building remains under constant review, and Mike Holmes reported on ‘snagging’. It was good to hear that heating costs are lower than were expected.

Adrian outlined plans for Lent, Holy Week, and Easter, details of which can be found in the specially published leaflet in church, and online.

The PCC approved Gail Ward’s relicensing as a Licensed Lay Minister; approval was also given to the appointment of Mark Smith as a Lay Pastoral Assistant. Gail will share with Adrian and Alice in pastoralia, especially home visiting and Spencer Court; Mark will work alongside Adrian in developing experience of parish life and helping in the building in practical ways. Both Mark and Gail will be supporting Alice with our new afternoon services for children and young families.

Adrian reported on the visit to our link parish of Gränna in May, when our twinning agreement will be signed.

The wardens and associate wardens took a lead on decisions to be made concerning our day-to-day life as a church family, both in terms of the building, and also our community and fellowship. They included the location of the Book of Remembrance, the lighting of votive candles, using our kneelers in the chancel and at the High Altar, the purchase of new tables, coffee after the service on Sundays, the sales area (for books, cards, etc), the Foodbank, and, crucially, a working party to clear the Upper Room so that our children’s church can start properly again.

Jenny Atkinson and Joan Perry were gladly nominated as lay administrants of Holy Communion.

Please ask any PCC members for more information about our meeting – and keep us all in your prayers.