January 2017 Meeting Summary

A précis of our meeting on Wednesday 18th January 2017

As it was the beginning of the week of Prayer for Christian Unity, Adrian began the meeting with worship based on John 17.21-23.  

Peter Clarke was welcomed as our new Treasurer, and was duly co-opted to the PCC.

We reflected on our time of receiving Holy Communion standing; and we resolved to continue receiving communion at the Sanctuary until after the re-ordering, when we would take another look in our revised layout.

In Clergy Business Adrian spoke about Lent, Holy Week and Easter; he outlined plans for the visit from our friends in Gränna in March; we discussed our Covenant with the Methodist church and our forthcoming shared services; and we made plans for Thy Kingdom Come, a week of prayer for growth in the church running from Ascension to Pentecost. Adrian said more about his role as Assistant Archdeacon. Alice introduced some impressive statistics about the way our new website and Facebook page are used. 

Churchwarden’s business concentrated on a recent roof inspection (largely pleasing) and the installation of a roof alarm, following a recent spate of lead thefts in the Thames Valley. 

Under the redevelopment/re-ordering item, we considered in detail our revised plans, which involve keeping the nave floor at its present level, and installing radiators. Examples of the new chairs were expected shortly, and grant applications and donations reviewed. Everyone would be encouraged to buy chairs, and encourage others to buy them too! The PCC agreed unanimously that we should go to tender, and Adrian would brief the congregation about the plans on February 5th. The Bishop would be asked to provide a licence to enable us to hold Sunday services at the Marlborough School while the church was closed between (provisionally) mid-May and late October. Gill had been researching the sale value of the pews, and they would now be offered for sale. Chris Baylis of the Real Wood Company is offering to help with the disposal of any remaining unsold pews.

Aidan, as Chairman of the Finance Committee, gave an update to the PCC after its recent meeting, including reviewing procedures for counting collections and other operational matters. The fees for weddings, funerals etc. for 2017 were approved by the PCC.

Our schools are a standing item on the agenda, and Adrian smiled broadly having heard the result of a recent church inspection at the Marlborough School, even though he couldn’t reveal the result (he can now: Good with Outstanding features ☺); he spoke too about recent work he had been doing on Spirituality with teachers at Woodstock Primary.