October 2017 Meeting Summary


Adrian began the meeting with prayer and bible study on the Beatitudes (Matthew 5.1-12).

We learnt that Nathan Jarvis is leaving to become a Chaplain at Bangor and a Cathedral canon, leaving a vacancy at the same time that the new benefices are formed (one called Yarnton with Begbroke and Shipton on Cherwell, the other called Woodstock and Bladon). As Area Dean, Adrian will be closely involved in the appointment of Nathan’s successor. Nathan’s last Sunday is November 26th; the new benefices are due to come into legal existence on December 1st. Adrian will no longer be ‘Team Rector’ but ‘Rector of the Benefice of Woodstock and Bladon’.

Mike Holmes updated us on the redevelopment/re-ordering project. Everything continues according to plan (cf the précis of 12th September). PCC members who are free will gather on October 31st to help prepare the layout of the new furniture and make other plans re liturgy and worship. Adrian spoke in detail about the re-opening service on November 9th, the Open Days on November 10th and 11th when refreshments will be served all day, Remembrance Sunday on November 12th, the Gala Concert on November 18th, and the Christmas Market on November 25th.

Ruth Sutherland presented the Building in Mission Group report, and the PCC approved a scheme of fees for hire of the building. Chris Wallworth presented the People in Mission Group report, which discussed many aspects of church life and outreach. A form has been developed which will be sent to all church members two weeks before the reopening of the church to encourage every member ministry, and concentrated prayer for our future. An important decision was made about coffee! From November 19th onwards, coffee and tea will be served BEFORE the 11am service, not afterwards. Our pastoral care was discussed, and developing our pastoral team. We talked about reinstating various activities after the re-opening, and Shaun guided us through research he is doing into reaching those who declare they have no religion –important as we plan for growth.

Adrian presented a substantial paper on worship, which the PCC is to discuss further at the next meeting on November 29th at 7pm in our re-ordered church.