New to Church?

What we believe

Christians believe that God is the creator and sustainer of everything that exists. God’s character is best described as ‘love’, and God’s passions are for peace, justice and joy for everyone and for the whole world order.

Christians follow Jesus Christ. It’s been said ‘God is Christlike, and in him is no unChristlikeness at all.’ If we want to understand what God is like, what God would say and do, we have only to look at this extraordinary life, a life that has been the pivot on which history has turned.

Liturgy and worship

As Anglicans, we delight in the heritage that has shaped our prayer, worship and liturgy.
Our foundational texts are contained in The Book of Common Prayer and the recent publication of Common Worship helps us to proclaim our faith ‘afresh in each generation’.

The Eucharist (which means ‘thanksgiving') or Holy Communion is our main act of worship. Each Sunday, and on festivals and saints’ days, we gather to celebrate the communal life that we have been given through the risen Christ.

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Life events

The Church is here for everyone. So even if you are not a regular churchgoer, you are welcome; the Church is there for you.

Many people turn to the Church at significant milestones in their life. Whether that is a happy event – such as a wedding or the birth of a child – or a sad one such as the death of a loved friend or family member, we’re here to help.

Faith stories

Discover how faith transforms lives.

God in the Life of … research scientist
Dr Gavin Koh

God in the Life of… science missioner
Revd Jen Brown,

God in the Life of… 
Rt Revd Pushpalitha Eggoni, Bishop in South India