This Sunday at Woodstock: Farewell and Pilgrimage Service

Farewell – and the beginning of the Pilgrimage

This Sunday 14th May at 11am we have a special service at St Mary Magdalene’s – the last one for six months. Adrian is preaching a special sermon which he wants as many people as possible to hear. At the end of the service our Archdeacon, The Venerable Judy French, will lead a special ceremony to mark our farewell to the building as we know it, and send us on our way into a very new phase of mission, ministry, and witness. 

As part of our church family, we hope very much that you’ll be there. 

This blog post explains the details of what we will be doing in the meantime – we may not have our building for a while, but our life as a church will continue and, we pray, flourish.