Tearfund's 50th Anniversary Prayer

Sunday 27th May has been chosen by Tearfund as a day for prayer because it’s the closest Sunday to the day Tearfund began 50 years ago. They have released this prayer to mark the occasion, to be used by individuals and churches.

A prayer by Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury

WelbyPrayer tearfund.jpg

Gracious and generous God, you became poor so that we might be enriched by your love, and you gave the world’s wealth and resources as a common inheritance of all human beings.

We pray you would strengthen your church to be a beacon of hospitality for the poor.

We pray
that, seeing the light of Christ’s love, the nations and peoples of the world may fight not to kill, but to outdo one another in care for the poor, and in actions of gracious generosity.

Through him who for our sakes did not grasp the wealth of heaven, but instead gave all to live for us as a slave, and die for us in pain, Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour.


A statement from Tearfund:

We would love Christians and churches around the globe to lift their voices and pray a prayer written by Justin Welby the Archbishop of Canterbury. 

We want to see an end to extreme poverty and we know we need to cry out to God for that to happen. Tearfund works in more than 50 countries across the world and we’re gathering people from those nations and beyond to pray together on this very special day for us.

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