Advent Begins - a special service in Bladon

A Candle-lit Service of Music and Readings for Advent

Sunday 3rd December at 6pm

‘Advent’ means ‘coming’. For centuries, Christians have observed a season of preparation for Christmas, the celebration of the birth of Jesus. This has varied in length, but has been set at four weeks for around the last 1400 years.

Integral to this service are the great Antiphons of Advent, ancient prayers, dating from the 8th century. Each begins with an Old Testament name or attribution for God, and ends with an invocation to the coming Saviour. Each antiphon inspires us to use words and music to explore a different aspect of the hope we place in our God, revealed in Jesus.

This service is designed to reflect one of the major themes of the season: that we await the light of Jesus to enter the darkness of our lives. This darkness is our human sinfulness, our lack of compassion, our failure to love, our obsession with self. The light of Jesus, coming into the world at Christmas, dispels this darkness.

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