Marlborough School Latest News

The latest edition of the Marlborough School news is absolutely packed with activities, events, achievements and news, including plenty about the strong links with the church and the RE curriculum. There is a Christmas message from Adrian, reports from the Year 7 elective visits to St Mary Magdalene's (what did they discover from lying on the church floor?), the winner of the Christmas card competition and loads more. There are some brilliant reflections on the prayer space run by Matt Bodinham which was supported by volunteers from the church. Click through if you would like to see:

Marlborough News December 2016

The Principal, Mr Hanlon, opened the newsletter with these words:

Last night I attended our Christmas Carol Service at St Mary Magdalene Church where our choir and student readers once again did themselves and the school proud. This idea of empowering our students to have a voice, to be confident enough to stand up in front of their peers and to be completely sure that they will be listened to and respected is exactly the culture we are building here at the Marlborough. Young people who are confident, motivated, enthusiastic and passionate about what they are learning and what they believe in, demonstrating an ambition to achieve the very best they can and at the same time show awareness of our responsibilities to the local and global communities of which we are a part.